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Claudia Romano

From a very young age I have been interested in how the human mind works and the causes of our behaviors, specially why we often think and behave in ways that limit us.

Today I am certain that all of us are a powerful source of energy and are in constant transformation.

That goes from the simplest to the most extraordinary.

We have the power to choose the reality we want to live, and to create it for ourselves and our environment.

We can transform the world where we walk

Our mistakes and our ignorance just show us what we could improve and strengthen in ourselves in order to become better persons in all the areas of our lives.

 For that it is key to transform our way of thinking.

By switching from a MECHANISTIC to a QUANTUM thinking model.

We´ll be able to see in the world infinite opportunities, instead of just obstacles and problems.

That will help us grow, transform and expand our consciousness.

We won´t need to try to think outside the box

We´ll be aware that the box never existed.

To specialize in my work,

I was certified in the following knowledge:

Claudia Romano

  • Expert Life and Executive Coach
  • PSYCH-K ® Mastery. Mental Reprogramming.
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Management Trainer.
  • Laughter Yoga teacher.
  • Clinical Restorative Hypnosis. Regressions. Childhood.
  • Positive Psychology.


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